Lattice and Leopard Imaging unveil new dual camera module kit

For black box car drive recorder applications, one camera can be pointed out the front of the vehicle, while the other can be directed toward the driver.  This new dual image sensor design utilizes the low power, low cost Lattice MachXO2 PLD (programmable logic device) to interface to both image sensors and combine the images before sending the data to the DaVinci DM368 video processor.  The images from the two cameras are merged in a side-by-side configuration.

The dual camera module kit, part number LNC-DUALCAM – HD IP Camera, includes the HD dual camera module and the Leopardboard 368 camera with firmware updates, as well as a mounting bracket and necessary cables.  Development engineers can leverage this cost-effective kit to produce sharp digital pictures “out of the box.”  The kit can produce still or continuous video with side-by-side images in a 1920 x 720 configuration.  Because the HD dual camera module uses the 36 pin Zip interface, it can also be connected to other TI IP cameras.  The output video or individual frames can be recorded to an SD memory card or sent via Ethernet; a WiFi option is available as well.  The dual camera module kit is available now for $399.00 at 

 “The high level of integration that the low power DM368 video processor offers is suitable for cost-sensitive camera applications that need efficient multichannel H.264 BP/MP/HP compression.  Together with the Lattice MachXO2-1200 device, this dual camera kit reduces the time to market for any application where two cameras are needed,” said Jacob Jose, video security business development manager at TI.

“The dual camera module kit leverages the flexibility of the MachXO2 PLD and expands our camera IP portfolio,” said Ted Marena, Director of Business Development for Lattice. 

Lattice Semiconductor
Leopard Imaging

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