Latest generation of Bourns miniature chip diodes available from TTI

A new generation of silicon chip diodes from Bourns is now available from TTI. The new ranges of surface mount TVS diodes and TVS/steering diode arrays integrate multiple functions in tiny package sizes, saving board space in products such as wireless systems, consumer portable electronic devices, network protection devices, SIM card, USB 3.0 /USB OTG and HDMI 1.4 ports.

All devices are easily handled with standard pick and place equipment, as their flat configuration minimises roll away.

CDSOT23-SM712 Surface Mount TVS Diodes have a working peak reverse voltage of 7V or 12V and provide ESD protection to 30kV maximum plus surge protection. Available in a moulded JEDEC SOT-23 package with 100% matte tin plating on the lead frame in package sizes A (2.80mm – 3.00 mm) through L (0.08mm – 0.20mm), these devices are suitable for applications such as: wireless systems, network protection, portable electronics and RS485 data port protection.

The CDDFN10-0524P Surface Mount TVS Diode Arrays have low capacitance of 0.5pF and provide greater than 15kV ESD protection. Applications include HDMI 1.3, Digital Visual Interface (DVI), USB3.0/USB OTG, memory protection and SIM card ports.

Two families of TVS/Steering Diode Arrays, CDSOT236-0504C and CDDFN10-0506N, complete the range of new generation Bourns chip diode products. CDSOT236-0504C devices have low capacitance of 1 pF and offer ESD protection of more than 15kV for up to four I/O lines and one VDD line in applications including HDMI version 1.3 ports, PDAs and notebooks, display port interfaces, consumer electronics and USB 2.0 ports. CDDFN10-0506N TVS/Steering Diode Arrays feature low capacitance of 0.3pF and are designed for ESD protection of Vcc and six I/O data lines. Applications include USB3.0, HDMI 1.4, high speed ports and portable electronic devices.

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