Latest DIN rail mount terminals from Switchtec save space and offer cost savings

New from specialist distributor Switchtec, the Dinkle range of DIN rail mounted terminals looks to meet the demand for smaller, smarter and more competitive products for use in control panels.

Designed to be versatile there are two types of the terminals available. These are the ‘DK.N’ screw terminal and the ‘AK’ spring clamp (screwless) terminal, the latter offering rapid assembly and servicing, whilst maintaining high levels of reliability and security. Designed with space and cost saving in mind, Dinkle DIN mount terminals are compact to save space within the enclosure and to simultaneously keep the cost of the product to a minimum.

Dinkle DIN rail terminals are available in 2.5, 4, 6, 10, 16, 35, 50, 95, 150 and 240mm cable conductor sizings and with ratings from 20A to 415A. Also available are multi way terminals, with three and four conductors, and ‘double decker’ (piggy-backed) terminals for even more space saving on the DIN rail.

Completing the range from Dinkle is the earth/ground terminals that clamp directly to the DIN rail to give a strong and reliable earth connection. The terminals offer a highly reliable connection and most importantly with earthing, they provide a low resistance path to carry fault currents safely to ground, thus minimising the risk of heat build up and a potential fire hazard within the control panel/host equipment. Coloured with the ubiquitous yellow and green mix, they are easily identifiable as earth terminals. The earth terminals are available in conductor sizes from 2.5mm to 95mm. Complimenting the range are fused terminals and disconnect terminals, available in 2.5mm and 4mm conductor sizes.

Dinkle accessories available from Switchtec for use with the DIN rail terminals include DIN rail, end covers, partitions, multi-pole push-in bridging links, marking labels (blank or pre-printed) and end clamps/stops. All together the range offers panel builders a very versatile and compact method of terminating cable connections to and from a control panel, and also for sub-assembly linking purposes within the panel itself.

All terminals are available in grey (standard) red, blue, black and orange, so panel builders and OEMs are able to achieve a degree of ‘branding’ and identification by using the Dinkle terminals.

For use around the world, the Dinkle DIN rail terminals carry VDE, UL, FI, TUV, CSA and CE approvals as well as being fully RoHS compliant. Panel builders, equipment manufacturers, the H&V industry and OEMs in many fields will all find the series very useful components. Compared to competitors’ products, Dinkle DIN rail terminals are smaller, smarter and more competitive.


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