Latest advances in wide bandgap semiconductors to be revealed at Future Electronics’ new series of power design seminars

Future Electronics, founded in 1968 by company president Robert Miller and now a world-class leader and innovator in the distribution and marketing of electronics components, has unveiled a programme of European ‘Wide Bandgap Technology’ seminars which will help design engineers to take advantage of the latest SiC and GaN components.


SiC (silicon carbide) and GaN (gallium nitride) wide bandgap semiconductor materials are attracting great interest from power engineers because of their superior thermal, switching and power-handling characteristics compared to silicon. Recent steep falls in the price of MOSFETs, diodes and modules based on wide bandgap materials are making them increasingly attractive for mainstream applications in the industrial, automotive, military and aerospace markets.

Future Electronics’ new series of day-long seminars will help design engineers to compare the latest wide bandgap components to conventional silicon devices, and to make well-informed decisions about their system-wide impact.


The seminars will run from September 2017 to February 2018, and will take place in eight convenient city locations in France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Engineers from Future Electronics’ specialist Future Power Solutions division will lead the technical presentations alongside power design experts from the following component manufacturers: STMicroelectronics, ON Semiconductor, ROHM Semiconductor, Microsemi, Panasonic, AVX, TE Connectivity, RECOM, Murata and Aavid Thermalloy.  


Each event will also include a lunchtime technology fair featuring demonstrations from these franchised suppliers of Future Electronics.


The seminars will cover the following topics relating to the use of wide bandgap semiconductors:

·      The effect of choosing SiC or GaN components on system performance, size and cost

·      Comparing discrete SiC components with hybrid Si-SiC and full SiC modules  

·      Implications for passive component selection and thermal management

·      How to migrate successfully from superjunction MOSFETs to SiC or GaN MOSFETs

·      Special considerations in the implementation of gate drivers and auxiliary power supply design


Access to the events is limited to professional engineers who want information to support decisions about power systems for applications such as motor drives, inverters, high-voltage power converters and power supplies, and who reserve a place in advance. Details of the dates and venues, and more information about the content of the seminars, may be obtained by e-mailing , or via the Seminars link at the Technical Resources section of the website for the reader’s region.


Dates and venues for the Future Electronics Wide Bandgap Technology seminars:

19 September 2017    Gothenburg, Sweden

3 October 2017        Rennes, France

10 October 2017    Madrid, Spain

11 October 2017    San Sebastian, Spain

22 November 2017    Helsinki, Finland

29 November 2017    Jutland, Denmark

31 January 2018    Padova, Italy

8 February 2018    Lyon, France

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