Latest 70mm Ø x 20 mm centrifugal fan delivers up to 39.9 CFM airflow and 560 Pa static pressure

EAO Ltd has released a compact centrifugal fan that measures just 70mm Ø by 20mm but delivers ample airflow and static pressure to serve the cooling requirements of the latest high-density but thin electronic sub-assemblies fitted into enclosures with restricted space, such as graphics cards and digital signage, and for airflow in medical electronics.

The new centrifugal blower will also find ready applications in air purifiers and larger scale ventilation systems.

Developed by cooling specialist Sanyo Denki the new San Ace 9TD12P6G001 12VDC centrifugal fan delivers a airflow rate of up to 39.9 cubic feet per minute (CFM) at a static pressure of 560 Pa but is significantly thinner compared to axial fans that deliver similar performance or for that matter, a typical 76mm blower fan. Compared to the popular 76 x 20mm Sanyo Denki blower that EAO already supplies the new centrifugal fan provides 3.9 times more airflow at 1.9 times higher static pressure.

According to Robert Davies, Marketing Manager with Sanyo Denki representative EAO Ltd, the new San Ace centrifugal fan is built with a dual ball bearings and features PWM control to facilitates external control of fan speed for lower noise and higher efficiency: “The 9TD12P6G001 blower provides reliability figures of 70,000 hours MTBF at 40o C (40,000 hour at 60o C), ensuring maintenance-free long-term operation”, Davies concluded.

The 9TD12P6G001 blower is part of Sanyo Denki’s extensive range of San Ace brand centrifugal fans that also includes 100, 133, 150, 175, 221, 225 and 270mm diameter devices.

For further information please contact Robert Davies, Marketing Manager EAO Ltd.

Tel: +44 / 1444 236 000,

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