Laird releases ultra-low height board-level EMI shield

Laird, a global technology company, has released a new Ultra-Low Height Two-Piece Board-Level Shield. This product offers an innovative, patent pending EMI shielding solution for compact electronics with tight space requirements.

The Ultra-Low Height Two-Piece Board-Level Shield incorporates a frame with drawn latch features that accommodates an assembly height as low as 1 mm.

“This advanced design offers a solution for board-level EMI shielding applications in which access to the shielded components is required and conserving space between a densely populated printed circuit board (PCB) and compact enclosure is critical”, explained Allan Dukeshire, product manager for Laird. “With the increased focus on smaller and thinner products, this new solution enables our customers to meet the growing market demand for increasingly miniaturized electronic devices.”

The patent pending drawn latch design allows for simplified tooling and tighter tolerances, which enhances structural rigidity while preserving co-planarity. The frame’s drawn latch engages with openings in the cover and allows for removable attachment to the frame. The cover may be attached to, detached from, and subsequently reattached to the frame in confined areas without interfering with other electrical components mounted on the PCB outside the frame.

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