L2Tek introduces changeable interface connectivity system for precision 6GHz 75-Ohm coaxial connectors

L2Tek, a manufacturers’ representative and distributor of components and sub-assemblies for professional video and high-speed communications systems, is making available a new Changeable Interface Connector System, which has been developed by Cambridge Connectors.

The connector system consists of two parts: the connector body, which is fixed to a processor board; and the changeable interface, which connects to the mating half, which in turn can be DIN 1.0/2.3, BNC or Micro-BNC, among others. Designed for 6GHz high-speed high-definition video applications, such as the latest UHDTV standard, all mainstream 75-Ohm coaxial interface styles can be accommodated by the system.

The flexibility of the system means that one standard connector footprint on the PCB can provide a wide variety of mating options, which means that PCB layouts can be made independent of connector types enabling designers to future proof board designs.

In addition, the changeable interface connector system greatly reduces time and costs when modifications to the front interfaces are necessary to meet different connector styles. Retroactive changes can be made quickly and simply and field repairs can be implemented onsite, thereby minimising system downtime. The system is also suitable for test equipment applications.

Device characteristics include a nominal impedance of 75 Ohm and typical reflection factor performance (VSWR) of 1.10 maximum (DC – 3.0GHz) for the PCB mount device, and 1.35 maximum (3.0 – 6.0GHz) for the BNC, 1.0/2.3 and Micro-BNC interfaces.

Other electrical characteristics of the system include a working voltage of 250V with a withstand voltage of 750V and greater than 1000-MOhm insulation resistance. The high-durability connectors offer 500 mating cycles, offer a wide operating temperature range of –65 to +85 degrees C and meet ML-STD-202 for resistance to vibration and salt spray.


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