Kontron launches open pluggable specification compliant solution for digital signage

The high quality of real-time information attainable from the pre-validated content creation and content management software supported by the Kontron KOPS800 gives companies access to actionable business data as well as being able to provide viewers with a dynamic, media-rich experience that is tailored to them.

Designated the Kontron KOPS800, the new system is based on the OPS specification created by Intel to help standardise the design and development of digital signage applications that use LCD, touch screens or projector display technologies. As an industry-standard system solution that can be docked into any OPS-compliant display, the Kontron KOPS800 simplifies development, reduces implementation costs and speeds time-to-market of a wide variety of enhanced functionality and graphics-intensive digital signage that help in delivering a rich user experience for information and retail systems that will be part of the retrofit of discrete legacy systems worldwide.

At its core the Kontron KOPS800 system has the Kontron COMe-bSC6, which delivers a proven Computer-on-Module (COM) solution that provides high-end graphics and display support features. Utilizing the COMe-bSC6 gives OEMs a modular approach that enables optimised and cost-effective scalability of application-specific implementations in terms of graphics and processing performance. It also offers a clear migration path that maps out upgrades for future digital signage requirements thereby future-proofing customers” technology investments.

This 100 percent OPS v1.0 compliant system integrates the powerful 2nd Generation Intel Core processors (up to 2x 2.7GHz), and is pre-validated for use with a Microsoft Windows Embedded OS (such as WES7 Pro 64-bit) and Intel Audience Impression Metric (Intel AIM Suite) technology based on Anonymous Viewer Analytics (AVA) software. Digital signage systems employing the Kontron KOPS800 with the AIM Suite and running a content management system (CMS) can simultaneously play high-definition video while gathering valuable viewer demographics without invading their privacy to push custom-tailored messaging to the target audience, which results in delivering a rich, immersive user experience that can offer significant infrastructure cost savings.


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