Kitronik posts record month of online sales

Kitronik, a leading developer of electronic project kits and learning resources for schools, makers and coders is pleased to announce that it has achieved its highest ever online sales and distribution figures in November 2018. Overall, distribution had increased by 58 per cent and online sales had risen by 22 per cent when compared to the same period last year which all makes for a great end to the year for the Nottingham based company.

The increase in distribution has been powered by a number of significant deals achieved by Kitronik which sees the company partner with a number of national and international large distributors. Chief amongst these is the partnership with North American electronic component firm Digi-Key Electronics.

Based in Minnesota, USA, Digi-Key Electronics is the fifth largest distributor of its kind in the world and is now stocking 170 Kitronik products. With other distribution partners across the world in countries such as Denmark, France, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and the Middle East, plus the rising U.K. market, it’s little wonder that Kitronik has seen such a sharp rise in demand for its products in 2018.

Continued growth in demand from inspired makers and coders is another of the contributing factors to Kitronik’s record online sales month, as is the uptake in schools teaching digital skills using the BBC micro:bit and Kitronik’s BBC micro:bit products.

Kitronik co-founder Kevin Spurr comments: “Since we launched over ten years ago, and more recently since the launch of the BBC micro:bit in 2016, we have seen a huge growth in the world-wide demand for our products. As with UK schools, there’s a realisation overseas that more needs to be done to close the digital skills gap and to help students achieve digital literacy. Companies such as Educa Tec based in Switzerland, are using our products to embed the teaching of technology in STEM subjects across the curriculum and in doing so are supporting teachers and transforming teaching and learning.

“Supporting what is now a worldwide commitment to empowering young people through demystifying electronics is very rewarding.”

To meet the growing demand, Kitronik is continuously developing new products to add to its extensive range of BBC micro:bit accessories. Earlier this year, the company launched the :KLEF piano, which allows makers to create their own music using the BBC micro:bit, and the :GAME ZIP 64, a handheld gaming device on which people can code and play their own retro games such as Pong and Snake.

Both products have been popular with overseas buyers and the home market, especially in the run up to Christmas. Kitronik’s Inventors Kit the project kit for the BBC micro:bit and the :MOVE mini buggy range of robotic kits and add ons are  particularly popular with our overseas buyers.

The New Year promises to be an exciting one for Kitronik, with a new range of BBC micro:bit products aimed at the primary education market scheduled to be launched at the Bett Show in January. Negotiations are also underway for the company’s products to be sold on Amazon.

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