Kitronik launches new applications for the :Move Mini Buggy

New ‘add ons’ expand the range of possibilities for the micro:bit powered, Bluetooth controlled device

Developed as a fun introduction to the world of robotics, the micro:bit powered :MOVE Mini Buggy has quickly established itself as a very popular user friendly programmable robot buggy since its launch last year.

As one of the partners organisations working with the BBC on the micro:bit project and distribution partner for the micro:bit Educational Foundation, Kitronik a leading developer of electronics project kits and learning resources for schools, makers and coders, has an in-depth understanding of the micro:bit having been involved from day one.

Always creating and developing new applications for the device, Kitronik has used this knowledge to create a range of add-ons for the :Move Mini Buggy. All are designed and manufactured in the UK and built to make programming, using and designing with the BBC micro:bit as easy as possible.

The :MOVE Mini Buggy, powered by the BBC micro:bit provides a very accessible introduction to robotics. Users can build and code their own two-wheeled robot which can be controlled remotely from smartphones and tablets using Bluetooth via the free Kitronik Move App. The app was created specifically so that Bluetooth enabled devices could connect to the micro:bit.

To see the buggy in action please click here.

Kitronik have extended the potential of the buggy with the introduction of a range of add-ons which not only help with the development of electronic skills but also inspire creativity as each of the kits presents an opportunity for personalisation and a range of applications. The range includes:

Sporty Bumper Buggy 

One for the sports fanatics is the Bumper add-on which can transform the buggy into a ball playing robot. Great for competitive games such as football or hockey, or any ball games invented by its makers, the Bumper is a self-assembly add-on kit made from the same materials as the :MOVE mini and had been designed in keeping with the :MOVE mini aesthetic.

Bulldozer Buggy 

This robust add-on enables makers to use the :MOVE mini in a variety of situations where robotic muscle is required! This add-on gives the buggy the power to lift and carry stuff as well. The self-assembly bulldozer comes with the servo required to move the bulldozer add-on up and down.

A very simple Servo:Lite board hack that enables the control of the third servo, you can find out how here. Once the kit is fully assembled, the bulldozer arm can be coded with the Microsoft MakeCode Editor

Tipper Truck Buggy 

This self-assembly tipper truck shows how much the :MOVE mini has developed. Just as robots often do more than just move from A to B, the tipper truck add-on can carry and dump stuff as well! Here imaginations can run riot applying the trucks movements to a range of applications, from Santa’s sleigh to a coal moving cart! Endless opportunities present themselves!

As with the Bulldozer add-on, the Tipper Truck uses the Servo:Lite board hack and the Microsoft MakeCode Editor.

Showing the continuous development of the :MOVE mini for the BBC micro:bit, these latest add-ons from Kitronik show the versatility of the buggy.

Commenting on the launch of the new products, Kitronik co-founder Kevin Spurr said: “Since its launch we have seen people using the :MOVE Mini Buggy to create pieces of art and play team games by controlling the device with their smartphone! The new additions great expand the range of possibilities and I am looking forward to seeing our customers get creative with the buggy.”

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