Keysight Technologies selected by Leonardo-Finmeccanica for test equipment asset management

Keysight Technologies has announced that it was awarded a contract for asset management by Leonardo-Finmeccanica across its UK sites. As of June 1, Keysight has been providing a Test Equipment Managed Service (TEMS) for Leonardo.


The TEMS program was launched in 2015 to define and implement robust calibration, repair and asset management solutions for test equipment across the UK. At the same time, Leonardo was looking to increase the efficiency and reliability of its test equipment. After an extensive review of multiple criteria – including service, quality, innovation and price – Leonardo signed a three-year TEMS asset management contract with Keysight.


Keysight Services is well aligned with Leonardo’s requirements to have a fully integrated asset management solution that will help Leonardo use and rationalise assets as well as drive down their overall costs. Keysight’s new service solutions were recently expanded with the acquisition of Electroservices, allowing the company to become a single source provider.


“Keysight has partnered for many years with Leonardo, providing test systems and solutions,” said Chris Rennie, managing director, Keysight Technologies UK. “I am delighted that Leonardo has decided to build on its close relationship with Keysight by awarding us with this contract. We look forward to managing and improving the utilisation of Leonardo’s complete inventory of varied test assets throughout the UK.”

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