Keysight Technologies demonstrates latest optical communications test solutions at ECOC2017

Keysight Technologies, Inc. has announced that it will showcase the latest test solutions for optical communications, networking, cloud and IT infrastructure, designed to enable data centre technology evolution, at the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC 2017), Hall 3, Stand 239, Gothenburg, Sweden, Sept. 18–20.

Keysight solutions enable data centre technology evolution inside and outside the data centre—from simulation to implementation, and from components to systems. Keysight will demonstrate solutions that address the latest industry challenges, such as deploying higher network speeds and increasing capacity at a low cost into next-generation data centres. Keysight demonstrations include:

  • The 400G line rate native QSFP-DD interface test system from Ixia Solutions Group (a Keysight business). Keysight completed its acquisition of Ixia in April 2017 and will host Ixia in its booth at ECOC. Ixia’s QSFP-DD 400GE test system, compliant with the IEEE 802.3bs KP4 forward error correction (FEC), shorten development and test times for network equipment manufacturers (NEMs)—accelerating critical time to market.
  • The M8040A high-performance bit error ratio tester (BERT), with up to 64 GBaud, simplifies 400G receiver characterisation and supports NRZ and PAM-4 signaling up to 64 Gbaud. The M8040A is the latest member of the modular AXIe based M8000 series of BER test solutions and AXIe based M8000 series of BER test solutions, which includes built-in adjustable equalisation and true PAM-4 error analysis.
  • The fast, automated 400GE optical transceiver compliance test solution, supporting the IEEE 802.3bs specifications, which requires a precise optical stressed signal, is automatically calibrated. Keysight’s will demonstrate the complete solution for the first time at ECOC.
  • The PAM-4 Simulation for analysing system design trade-offs within high-speed digital links using the ADS Channel Simulator. This solution allows a comparison of PAM-4 versus NRZ technology using impairments such as jitter, noise, channel loss and inter-symbol interference to simulate the expected impact on high-speed digital links.
  • The M8290A rack-mountable modular 400G coherent component and system test solution, which is based on the M8292A optical modulation analyser module and M8296A digitiser module. Engineers can use this compact and flexible coherent test system, together with additional solution software, for integrated coherent receiver (ICR) and analog coherent optical (ACO) module characterisation. ECOC is the worldwide launch of the M8290A system.

Keysight will host flash seminars at its booth on a variety of topics, such as the latest market trends and technical innovations in the field of optical communications. Presenters include technical experts from Keysight, Ixia, and several corporate and university partners.

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