Keep memory safe with the gamma-resistant Maxim DS28E80 1 wire EEPROM now at Mouser

Mouser Electronics, the global authorised distributor with the newest semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the DS28E80 1 Wire Gamma Resistant EEPROM from Maxim Integrated. The DS28E80 includes 248Bytes of non volatile memory that utilises a storage cell technology resistant to up to 75 kiloGray of gamma radiation.

The Maxim Integrated DS28E80 1 Wire EEPROM, available from Mouser Electronics, has 248 bytes of non-volatile memory organized in 31 blocks of 8 bytes each. Individual blocks can be write-protected to prevent accidental erasure of data. For additional security, each memory block can only be written eight times. The DS28E80 communicates in slave mode over the single-contact open drain 1 Wire(r) bus where the bus master is typically a microcontroller. The 1 Wire port supports a standard speed of 15.3kbps (max) or overdrive speed of 76kbps (max). Each device has its own unique 64-bit registration number that is factory programmed into ROM on the chip. The communication follows the 1 Wire protocol with a 64-bit registration number acting as node address in the case of a multiple-device 1 Wire network.

To protect against bit errors, the 1 Wire communication system uses 16-bit CRCs generated at various points during data transmission. The device’s 64-bit ROM ID can be used to electronically identify the particular DS28E80 used in the system. The ROM ID provides unique identification and also functions as the logical address where multiple 1 Wire devices are on a common bus and operate independently of each other.

The target application of the DS28E80 is identification and monitoring of consumables for medical applications. Other applications include storing data and identification information in secure and sensitive systems.

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