ITTIA DB SQL and Toradex Computer on Module integration is a new high for developers to accelerate IoT innovation

ITTIA and Toradex are partnering together to help manufacturers of embedded systems and intelligent IoT edge devices uncover new performance value, reduce cost, and optimise development. As sensors and IoT devices start producing a large volume of data, modern techniques for data management on connected Computer on Module devices become a requirement to process, manage, and share data effectively. This cooperation helps developers to deploy embedded applications for mission-critical systems by leveraging a fast, small-footprint, powerful database software and hardware solution that maximises data availability, and discovers how to process data in real-time with hardware systems designed for embedded insight.


A manufacturer’s choice of hardware and software has a huge impact on the productivity of development team, integration of the product with other systems, and long-term maintenance. ITTIA provides a reliable solution for manufactures of intelligent devices with self-managed embeddable database that is easy to use and configure. Toradex Computer on Modules (CoM)/System on Modules (SoM) products offer the best technical value and cost-effective hardware. The goal with this partnership is to empower developers and managers to achieve with standards, accelerate discovery and selection of the right software and hardware, and provide a path to gain confidence in on-time delivery.


Product developers can mix and match different Computer on Module (CoM) options, carrier boards, operating systems, and database libraries to create a custom single-board computer with just the right I/Os, processors, storage media, and performance characteristics to meet your budget and expectations. ITTIA DB SQL is a multi-purpose embedded database that may be fully embedded in an application as a software library, or shared as a background daemon. With single-user, row-level locking, and multiversion concurrency options, ITTIA DB SQL can be tailored to any kind of data-driven IoT device. Capturing and processing data from sensors on CAM, I2C, and other I/Os is simple with ITTIA DB SQL.


When it comes time to share data with back-end services, whether on the cloud or private infrastructure, ITTIA replication and sync technologies seamlessly track changes and communicate over secure protocols. Bidirectional replication keeps devices up-to-date while conflict detection ensures that no valuable information is lost. Whether your IoT device is sending records to a traditional RDBMS or a big data database cluster, ITTIA DB SQL is ready to organise your data on Toradex Computer on Module devices.


‘Bringing data, protecting, processing, and managing it across IoT lifecycle, requires leading-edge software and hardware. Our partnership with Toradex provides ease of use, great performance and attractive cost saving thereby benefiting embedded and IoT device manufacturers,” said Sasan Montaseri, president, ITTIA.


“Toradex is happy to partner with ITTIA, to allow our customers to simplify the use of an optimised SQL DB for embedded systems. This will reduce the time to market and the associated risk as the solution provides a nice out-of-the-box experience and is directly verified on Toradex System on Modules.” said Daniel Lang, vice president, Toradex Inc.


With deep experience in data management software and Computer on Module hardware, ITTIA and Tordex will offer a webinar on March 30th to introduce their integration offering and show IoT and embedded developers how rapidly they benefit from this integrated hardware and software solution.

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