Itron UK’s electronic display innovation used for COVID applications

Great Yarmouth-based Itron (UK) Ltd is successfully able to Design-In bespoke display solutions to OEMs.

One such customer, KBiosystems, manufactures equipment used in detecting COVID variants with its wide range of sample sealers employing 4.3inch and 7 inch display modules. A typical sample tray consists of 225 compartments, which once loaded, requires a foil heat seal to be applied to prevent contamination. The latest designs use Itron’s modular system solution with stepper motor drive, temperature measurement and heating sub-modules controlled by the display module operating iDevOS via internal serial CAN and I2C interfaces.

The stepper motor module uses a local AVR CPU and watchdog to, firstly, monitor safety interlocks, to control the motor and to enable heating to provide a fail-safe solution.

Another customer, Monmouth Scientific, manufactures Clean Air Cabinets which guarantee a highly clean environment in which to analyse thousands of swabs from COVID Test Centres. Both 4.3 inch and 7 inch display modules are used across a range of products to set flow rate, filter change and other parameter settings.


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