ITECH IT-M series landed, detonates the low power T&M market

Breaking through the traditional technology barriers, ITECH launched brand new IT-M series products in May. IT-M series comes with cutting-edge technology which is integrated with engineers’ innovative inspiration, including IT-M3200 High-precision Programmable DC Power Supply, IT-M3300 Regenerative DC Electronic Load, IT-M3400 Bidirectional DC Power Supply, IT-M3600 Regenerative Power System.

IT-M series adopt flexible modular design, which gives it an ultra-compact body of only 1U half-rack. It supports multi-channel output and each channel is synchronous when paralleling. IT-M series can output up to 16*16 channels. This enables IT-M series to perfect cater the applications like burning test of production line. The test efficiency has increased by two times, which largely saves your energy and cost.

IT-M series supports multiple units stacking and parallel connection by easy design “legs” plug-in. Fit with rack mount kit to achieve the perfect use. The new series will empower the engineers with innovation and implement test technology advancements more quickly and more accurately.

IT-M3600 Regenerative Power System combines a bidirectional power supply and a regenerative electronic load in one. Only a button is needed to switch between the two. It is suitable for multiple test fields such as multi-module batteries, multi-channel power supplies, micro inverters, and semiconductor devices.

IT-M3400 bidirectional DC power supply integrates the features of a bidirectional power supply and a regenerative load. It can meet the customer’s test requirement of different current and power level. It is suitable for multiple test fields, such as power modules, intelligent industrial equipment, and automotive electronics, charging and discharging tests of various small-capacity batteries.

IT-M3300 regenerative DC electronic load can not only simulate various load characteristics, but also can feed back electrical energy to the local grid instead of heat. IT-M3300 has energy recovery function; the regeneration efficiency can be up to 90%. It is suitable for test applications such as various types of battery discharge, multi-channel power supply, and semiconductor ageing.

IT-M3200 high-precision programmable DC power supply meets various current measurement requirements from ampere level to micro-ampere level. It is widely used in the test fields of 3C products, semiconductor devices, 5G, IoT and medical electronic equipment, etc.

ITECH IT-M series products fill the gaps of low power T&M market; provide more and better choices for low power T&M market.

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