It’s National Thermal Engineer Day!

In celebration of National Thermal Engineer Day, 6SigmaET have today announced a new initiative to raise awareness for jilted thermal engineers. The “Thermal First” campaign, will celebrate the work of thermal engineers and encourage product designers and manufacturers to prioritise thermal management early on in their design processes.


According to research published as part of 6SigmaET’s awareness raising campaign, 30 per cent of thermal engineers believe that their organisations do not adequately prioritise thermal management within the design process. This is despite 85 per cent of thermal engineers demanding that it should be conducted as early on as possible. 

This failure to examine thermal issues early on the design process may be significant contributing factor to the 99.5 per cent of products that are delayed or derailed by late stage design complications.


Commenting on these findings – and the launch of the Thermal First campaign – Chris Aldham, project manager at 6SigmaET, said: “For many of us at 6SigmaET, National Thermal Engineer Day is by far the highlight of our year. But there are many out there, in the wilderness of the electronics industry who are not as fortunate us. Too many of today’s thermal engineers have had their work pushed to the back of the queue when it comes to design, opening up products to all variety of long-term thermal complications. This Thermal Engineer Day it’s time for us to stand together and say enough is enough.”


To join in with today’s Thermal Engineer Day celebrations, follow @6SigmaET on Twitter.

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