Isolated surface-mount DC-DCs are 62368-1 certified

Now available from Dengrove Electronic Components, is RECOM’s R1DX dual-output isolated DC-DC converters offering a choice of ±5V, ±9V, ±12V or ±15V bipolar outputs.

These open-frame, surface-mount power modules are convenient and compact, measuring just 15.2mm x 10.7mm and only 8.0mm high. Capable of driving capacitive loads of up to 1000µF, they are ideal for applications such as RS-232 bus isolation, and for providing bipolar power to isolated DACs, sensors, op-amps, and general industrial automation, control, and test and measurement equipment.

Energy efficient and easy to design-in, having no minimum-load requirement, the R1DX converters consume less than 150mW quiescent power and operate over the specified temperature range from -40°C up to 100°C at full load without derating.

The modules are fully certified in accordance with the latest safety standard, IEC/UL/EN 62368-1, as well as the outgoing 60950-1, helping OEMs easily transition their products to the new standard. Built-in isolation is rated at 1kVDC/1s, and the alternative /H version provides even higher isolation of 3kVDC/1s.

Users can also take advantage of easy EMC compliance, adding only an input capacitor to satisfy Class A requirements or a simple low-cost LC filter for Class-B equipment.

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