Ismosys appointed to represent GUI specialist Amulet Technologies

Amulet Technologies, a leading supplier of high-performance embedded graphical user interface (GUI) processors, modules and development tools, has appointed the Ismosys (International Sales, Marketing and Operations System) division of the Spectrum Electronics Group as its sales and marketing representative in all the key European territories, including the Benelux, Iberian, Central European & Nordic countries, UK & Ireland, France, Italy and Turkey.

Ismosys will focus on introducing Amulet’s’ high-performance GUI processors, modules and its GEMstudio WYSIWYG design software tools to Tier1 OEM customers and, leveraging the strength of the Ismosys Design Partner Program (DPP), to independent electronic design consultancies, throughout Europe. The company will also directly market a select range of Amulet products via the company’s website.

Amulet’s technology enables manufacturers and product designers to easily achieve smartphone-like user interfaces on new and existing microcontroller based products. The company’ co-processor and royalty-free GEMstudio Graphical Operating System runs the entire user interface, including managing and mapping all touch panel control. It is said to be the only GUI solution on the market that enables new and existing 8-, 16 or 32-bit micro-based systems to implement a GUI featuring smartphone-like ‘drag & drop’ functionality.

The GEMstudio is a true WYSIWYG GUI design software tool that requires absolutely no coding for the embedded GUI design. In comparison to other “no-coding” GUI design solutions, that often require additional developer tools and C++ knowledge, GEMstudio enables highly professional, production-ready GUIs to be created at the same time as the application code, simplifying and speeding the development and debugging process. Engineers are able to concentrate on making the product work, while sales & marketing people, usability specialists, and graphic designers can focus on creating the best possible user experience.

According to David Blissett, Ismosys’ Amulet Technologies Product Manager, Amulet’s complete graphical user interface (GUI) solutions are a good fit for embedded markets such as industrial, appliance, medical, home & building automation, test & measurement, office automation, consumer electronics and automotive. According to Blissett, “Amulet’s technology is easily the easiest, fastest and most flexible way to build touch-screen, drag & drop GUIs and is the perfect complement to a number of key lines Ismosys already represent, including Sharp Microelectronics, Silicon Laboratories and Microchip, so we’ll be able to hit the ground running.”

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