IR introduces rugged, ultra-fast 1400V IGBT for induction heating and soft switching applications

International Rectifier has introduced a rugged, reliable ultra-fast 1400V Trench Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) optimised for soft switching applications including induction cooktops and microwave ovens.

Co-packaged with an ultra-low forward voltage diode, the IRG7PK35UD1PbF uses IR’s Gen7 thin-wafer trench technology to deliver extremely low VCE(ON) and ultra-fast switching to offer lowest conduction and switching losses for high system efficiency in induction heating applications. Expanding the voltage range of the device to 1400V enables the design of higher power single-ended parallel resonant power converters and offers additional guard band for more robust designs.

The IRG7PK35UD1PbF expands IR’s proven family of IGBTs for soft-switching applications to 1400V, extending the power range of induction heating systems. IR’s focus on power applications allows for optimisation of devices to meet the technical requirements of various power systems.


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