IR introduces Class D audio chipset for high performance audio amplifiers

International Rectifier has introduced a Class D audio chipset comprising the IRS20965 digital audio driver IC with protected Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) switching and a full complement of audio MOSFETs optimised for high performance Class D audio amplifier applications.

The IRS20965 features high-side and low-side independent floating PWM input to allow deadtime control from an external PWM controller. Shoot-through prevention logic provides additional safety in the event of PWM controller failure. The new IC also features over-current sensing output and 2A gate drive output capability.

The new chipset featuring the IRS20965 brings the additional flexibility of an external controller which programs performance and protection features. For example, it allows non-shutdown overload protection while maintaining high audio performance.

Operating up to 800kHz, other key features of the IRS20965 include programmable bidirectional over-current detection with self-reset function, high noise immunity, ±100 V ratings to deliver up to 500W in output power and 3.3 V / 5 V logic compatible input.


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