IPC training locates in Italy

A new European facility has been opened in Bergamo, Italy by Advanced Rework Technology. It will server the large custom base there and in surrounding countries to ease the time and costs associated with travel to and from the UK, says the company.

Training from the electronics industry has gone from strength to strength over recent years, as companies see the benefit in training their staff to be familiar with the latest technologies, acceptance and process documents available in the ever-changing industry. For this reason, the company has also spent considerable time researching and recruiting new technical trainers to join the team.

Managing director, Debbie Wade, describes the company’s expansion into Europe as a ‘natural progression’ adding that the new site has very experienced Mater IPC trainers (MIT).

The company was certified in 2018 to the run the Enhanced Certified in 2018 to run the Enhanced Certified Interconnect Design, CID+ class is one of two global IP training centres which can offer all IPC training courses.

To accommodate the expanded course list and consultancy services, the company has moved into a purpose-built facility with dedicated training rooms, in Witham, Essex.

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