Into Spring with gold-plated spring-loaded contacts from Wearnes Cambion

This Spring, British manufacturer of electro-mechanical and inductive components, connective discrete components and systems, and relay bases – Wearnes Cambion – has released a series of connective products with even better characteristics.

The new spring-loaded contacts come in surface mount, through hole, or press fit variations and can feature either Pin, Solder bucket, Crimp, or Tulip socket terminations. Among their distinctive qualities are their low contact resistance and productive life-span of up to 1 million cycles, and ability to withstand up to 9A current.

The gold-plated spring-loaded contacts offer higher reliability, as well greater resistance to dirt contamination in the contact area compared to conventional sockets. They offer a good resistance to shock and vibration and allow for a high degree of mismatch when under compression between the matching halves. On demand, these contacts can be made in non-magnetic versions.

Wearnes Cambion is known for the bespoke components they manufacture for in-design, so if you have special requirements, they can always design with them in mind. In addition, Gateway has in stock turreted and insulated solder terminals, battery holders, single pole sockets, as well as gold and solder mount, jacks and connector pins, coils, plugs, links and rechokes – do not hesitate to enquire with us about any standard Wearnes Cambion part.

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