Intertronics launches PZ3-i surface treatment device

To provide manufacturers with an easy, affordable way to automate plasma surface treatment during the assembly of electronic devices, adhesives specialist Intertronics has introduced the Relyon Plasma Piezobrush PZ3-i to its range. Designed specifically for integration into semi-automated or automated production lines, the unit gives electronics manufacturers control over the process variables ─ positioning, power, time, and input gas pressure ─ for a repeatable, controllable, and recordable process.

The Piezobrush PZ3-i is described as the world’s smallest cold active plasma unit developed for integration into industrial processes. In electronics manufacturing, cold plasma technology is an effective method for increasing adhesion, wetting, and cleanliness on difficult to bond surfaces, by providing surface treatment and activation prior to bonding, printing, or coating. It is suitable for use in semi-automated and automated production lines in applications including: cables, switches, polyester PCB’s, housings and enclosures, and screens.

Capable of effectively processing areas at speeds of up to 150 mm/s, the system allows the efficient treating of components without delaying subsequent processes, improving productivity. The system’s digital IO gives power output adjustment and on/off function. The device is intuitive to operate and can be maintained without tools.

“The PZ3-i combines the effectiveness, ease of use, and affordability of the handheld Piezobrush PZ2 with the improved productivity and repeatability of automation,” said Ben Swanson, sales manager at Intertronics. “Electronics manufacturers can quickly and easily integrate the PZ3-i into a partially or fully automated system by mounting it onto a robot or into a machine. For the treatment of larger areas, its modular design allows multiple units to be mounted adjacently.

“In practice, this processing performance level has only previously been possible with considerably larger installations,” added Swanson. “As well as being more affordable than large plasma treatment equipment, the PZ3-i is environmentally friendly, efficient, and safe ─ generally no light curtains, mechanical enclosures or PPE are required.”

The PZ3-i uses an external gas supply such as compressed air or nitrogen. Using Piezoelectric Direct Discharge (PDD) technology, developed by Relyon Plasma, the device transforms low input voltage into high electric field strengths, dissociating and ionizing the ambient gas. The plasma is produced at less than 50˚C, making the PZ3-i suitable for treating many temperature sensitive substrates, such as plastic films.

Intertronics’ team can integrate the new unit into a purpose built system with fluid dispensing or curing for automated archytas system.


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