Intersil targets infrastructure power systems with latest switching regulator

Intersil Corporation has expanded its family of power management ICs with the new ZL2102, a 6 Amp digital synchronous step-down DC/DC power regulator. The ZL2102 is a fully-integrated, auto compensated DC/DC regulator able to support adjustable output voltages of 0.54V to 5.5V operating from input voltages from 4.5V up to 14V.

Designed to provide a high level of integration and ease of configurability the ZL2102 is intended to be a reliable building block for sophisticated infrastructure power system applications.

The ZL2102 DC/DC regulator is part of Intersil”s third generation digital power platform which employs auto compensation, a feature that characterises the power stage and automatically adjusts accordingly, generating a stable and reliable solution. Auto compensation enables faster design time through the elimination of complex design calculations while providing a highly reliable power supply that can adapt over time to external component aging.

The ZL2102 is a high-performance solution in a small 6mm x 6mm footprint. Integrated synchronous power MOSFETs allow the ZL2102 to deliver continuous loads up to 6A from 4.5V to 14V with high efficiency. With integrated compensation, a bootstrap diode and internal low dropout regulators (LDOs) that provide voltage to the internal gate driver, a complete ZL2102-based design can be created using minimal external components and board space.

The ZL2102 can be completely configured with external pin-strap or resistor settings allowing for setup of all key parameters and adjustment of switching frequency, output voltage, soft-start ramp/delay settings and sequencing options. For more advanced setups, the ZL2102 supports over 70 PMBus commands and can be easily configured using Intersil”s new PowerNavigator(TM) GUI. The PowerNavigator GUI enables multiple device design without having to write a single line of code, and its easy-to-use interface with visual sequencing and drag-and-drop placement significantly accelerate design time.

In complex power systems, monitors and sequencers are used to fully control and monitor every power rail to improve reliability and the ZL2102 integrates all of these functions, which allows a designer to monitor and control every aspect of the power supply through a PMBus interface and optimize without making costly hardware changes. The highly functional device can be easily incorporated into the design and replicated across the system.


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