Intersil launches versatile synchronous buck regulator

Intersil Corporation has introduced the ISL85415, a 500mA synchronous buck regulator featuring a wide input voltage range, integrated synchronous FETs and internal compensation. The ISL85415 integrates both high-side and low-side NMOS FETs, eliminating the need for external FETs and diodes.

This high level of integration reduces component count in standard buck configurations, simplifies the design process and saves time. Designers can also select external compensation if required. The wide Vin and Vout ranges, combined with integrated synchronous FETs and internal compensation, enable efficient, robust designs with a minimum number of external components.

New generations of communication, industrial and consumer systems require switching regulators to accommodate a wide range of input voltages and the ISL85415 meets that need supporting from 3V to 36V capability. An extended output voltage range of 0.6V to 95% of Vin also provides an excellent solution when enabling pulse-frequency modulation (PFM), a mode widely used in portable applications to improve efficiency at light loads.


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