Intersil’s ZL8101 delivers flexible digital power management solution and improves reliability

Intersil Corporation has introduced its latest digital power supply management solution, featuring both automatic compensation and adaptive performance optimisation algorithms that have significantly improved power conversion efficiency. The ZL8101 is an adaptive digital DC/DC PWM controller with auto compensation that provides a single phase solution with output currents up to 50A.

The device has been designed to work with an external driver and with DrMOS solutions, so it can be used in parallel for current sharing between multiple ZL8101 devices. It can also be deployed as a flexible building block for 12V and 5V down conversion where size, efficiency and monitoring are critical. It uses a dedicated, optimised, state machine for generating precise PWM pulses and a proprietary MCU for set-up and optimisation.

By automatically compensating the power supply, designers using the ZL8101 can save weeks of design time and significantly improve reliability in a wide range of applications by relieving designers of the need for special tools, knowledge or experience to optimise performance.

In terms of digital power management technology it is suitable for wired and wireless systems, data communications, and power supply applications.


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