Intelligent TFT display with sound

MMS Electronic has available a 5.7” and a 7.0” Intelligent TFT graphic display EA eDIPTFT57-ATP 640×480 pixel and eDIPTFT70-ATP 800×480 pixel LED backlit display with built-in intelligence and user-friendly features. The displays are available without touch-screen or with a resistive or PCAP capacitive touch-screen. These intelligent displays reduce development time and cost. These displays are an ideal platform for development of interactive controls without learning lots of new code. For example, a virtual keyboard, analogue rotary instrument and bar graphs can be generated on the screen with just a few simple commands.

Quickest way to start the design is with EA EVALeDIPTFT70 evaluation kit. Within minutes of opening the box the displays function immediately.   Download the free software toolkit and experience how easy it is to create perfect looking layouts. Mix graphics pictures and text freely, import BMP, JPEG, GIF and animated GIF images, select landscape or portrait mode. The evaluation board offers connection for a USB, RS-232, RS-485, serial 5V, SPI and I2C interface.

The 5.7” and 7.0” displays provides acoustic feedback into an 8 ohm speaker. Sounds ranging from simple clicks, notes or jingles acting as warning or status messages can be used. Images, animations and macro programs can be stored in the on-board memory.  Pre-integrated with all driving electronics, flash memory, backlight drivers, I/O and optional touch-screen functionality, the display is ready to be connected by serial, SPI or I²C interface to the host processor or by using a simple level converter USB, RS-232 or RS-485 is available. Additionally the unit features two analogue inputs, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs.

Application example 1: an automated queue system could run stand-alone from this display.  The display can read the input switches and show the number of the next available check-out on the display as well as announce “the next cashier available is number 1”.

Application example 2: a meeting room or office entrance display shows pre-programmed messages or pictures. The display content such as “room available or busy” can be controlled from the touch-screen, the inputs switches or remotely via the serial interface.

Application example 3: in a museum pictures and information is displayed on a timely loop. When a push button is pressed a spoken message can be played. All this can be done from the display without need for an external controller.

The intelligent colour TFT displays are available in screen size 3.2”, 4.3”, 5.7” and 7.0”.  Stylish black bezels for all sizes are available for easy panel mounting.

MMS Electronics Ltd is a supplier of quality LCD, COG, DOG, TFT, OLED, ePAPER and Intelligent displays.

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