Whether you are a fan or not, tablets have written the rule book for the look and feel of the modern touchscreen Projective CAPacitive technology. Touch technology senses the capacitance in the users finger as it approaches the front glass which allows for the sensor part of the touchscreen to be fitted to the rear of the glass / lens thus the touch is ‘projected’ through this glass. Using settings the sensitivity can be adjusted to allow this projection to go through up to 10mm of glass and offer a full multitouch (10point) solution.

Display Technology Ltd have engineered an ever increasing range called ‘Infinity’ which enables unlimited variants by optically bonding the touch sensor to the rear of the coverglass.  As this sensor is on the rear of the ‘cover glass’ the connections to the touch screen are also on the rear thus allowing the cover glass to be oversize and custom.  This gives a TRUE FLAT GLASS, or EDGE TO EDGE TOUCH which are commonly used industrial phrases for this technology. Other features can be included such as, rear ceramic screen printing, oversized shaped glass, radiused corners, and even holes for additional peripherals such as switches or thermal printers.

We work with the high end industrial glass specialists to manufacture the coverglass as the glass quality and choice is nearly as important as the touch.  We are able to supply a full range including SodaLime, low Iron or guerrilla glass with various treatments such as anti-glare (AG) or anti-reflective (AR) and finished to give a sensor of any size and shape with ground and polished edges. The glass can be untreated or we can ruggedise it through thermal process / chemically toughening. Ultimately we like to start the design with a blank piece of paper, rather than ‘what you see is what you get’.

A big focus of the company is on premium quality products that are rugged and tend to be used in high end professional applications. This is due to the requirement for modern equipment to feel and perform. Display Technology achieves this through infinite touch with the added advantage of allowing a full bespoke, branded design. The quality of a product is often judged on the way it looks and feels. However, technology with a poor user interface can possibly be judged as poor. This fits in with our product strategy of quality display suppliers, including Mitsubishi, AUO, InnoLux, Tianma NLT and Kyocera (Optrex).

Many of our customers using infinite touch also utilise our in-house optical bonding. This is the process of attaching a touch screen or filter to a display using optically clear silicon covering the complete viewing face of the LCD. This has many advantages, but most importantly improves optical performance by minimising reflection between the touch screen / filter and LCD. It also improves readability by eliminating air gaps and the optical bonding process increases the strength and resilience of TFT displays. At the Data Display Group/Display Technology we have developed our own optical bonding production process called Vacubond ®  in two clean room facilities (Europe / USA).

We have seen an increased interest in many market areas. But the main sectors of growth are in Medical, Military and Kiosks. All areas where excellent performance and look are critical to add focus to the end product. It is also advantageous, especially in the Medical equipment market sector, that the Infinite Pcap Touch offers improved aesthetic solution with no area to store bacteria, due to the easy clean single flat glass solution. 

Display Technology Ltd are the UK display specialists, who are completely owned by the Data Display Group in Munich. The group have full design and manufacturing capabilities in Europe and have reputation second to none in producing display solutions focusing on quality and continuity of supply. The group have recently combined with Fortec AG, offering additional avenues, stocks and supply chain. We are continually investing into the product range most recently including the next development of our Prisma AD boards and a third optical bonding machine, with a clean room extension.

Our sales and support process is based on application lead design and we support our customers through development, launch and the lifecycle of the product.

We are here to help you.

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