Industrial solid state relays from Switchtec are high on performance and simple to specify

Meeting the growing demand for longer lasting relays in industrial high speed switching applications, available from Switchtec, Kudom’s KSV series solid state relays (SSR) are Din rail mountable and are supplied with an integral heatsink.


For use in applications including PLC interface duties and process control in automation and processing equipment embracing high-low temperature chambers, plastics machinery, incubation machines, oiling machines, elevators, lighting, fountain controllers, the relays are aimed at designers, H&V panel builders, OEMs and system integrators.


The major benefit of the KSV series is its modular construction. The relays are supplied complete with a built in heat sink, Din rail mounts and surface mount clip. With competing, standard SSRs you often have to order the relay, protection cover, thermal pad and heat sink all separately. In the case of the latter, selection of the correct size of heat sink can be a headache. Thus a major benefit of the KSV series is that a single part number specifies and purchases a correctly rated and fully kitted out relay ready to install and use.


As SSRs, the compact KSV series provide fast, reliable switching, and with no moving contacts they are ideally suited to applications with high switching levels, rapid switching times and those requiring a very long electrical life. Comparing them with their e-mech equivalents, KSV series SSRs have a fast operating time of 1ms, compared to 15ms for the e-mech.


An added benefit of SSRs over electro-mechanical relays is their silent switching. Particularly where many relays are involved in echoey control rooms and in metal cabinets, e-mech relays can be noisy, clicking on and off in applications where frequent switching is required. SSRs have no moving contacts and are therefore silent running, thus helping to reduce noise in the workplace.


The KSV series is available in four current ratings, 10, 20, 30 and 40A and are suitable for switching loads up to 280VAC or 530VAC for 240VAC and 480VAC relays respectively. The relays are available with DC control voltages of 4-32V or 90-280V AC dependent on the version selected. All types are available with zero cross turn on to minimise electrical interference, or random turn on for fast switching applications.


Compact, the 10, 20 and 30A relay versions measure 81 x 30 x 110mm, and the 40A version measures 120 x 50 x 110mm (HxWxD). KSV relays are supplied fitted with a built in LED that displays the status of the relay – ‘on’ when lit.  Suitable for most industrial applications, the relays are able to operate in an ambient temperature range of -30 to 80 degrees C.


cULus approved and CE marked, Kudom’s KSV series SSRs are available ex stock from distributor Switchtec whose in-house or field based engineers are available to provide help with product choice and to provide full backup support at all times.

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