Imagination’s Ensigma wireless communications IP achieves Wi-Fi CERTIFIED certification on chip that powers Creator Ci40 board

Imagination Technologies (IMG.L) announces that its high-performance Ensigma Explorer wireless communications IP has once again achieved Wi-Fi CERTIFIED certification. Certification was achieved this time via a reference design using the CxT200 chip which powers the Creator Ci40 development board. The Wi-Fi Alliance certification covers Wi-Fi CERTIFIED a, b, g, n, ac, for two spatial streams; WPA – Enterprise and Personal; WPA2 – Enterprise and Personal; and WMM.


Imagination’s Ensigma wireless communications IP cores address the ever-growing challenge of proliferating communications and connectivity standards by supporting them all via a single architecture and, in addition, enabling them to be integrated onto SoCs with the lowest possible system cost.


Says Richard Edgar, director of communications technology, Imagination: “The market for both our high-performance Explorer Wi-Fi and low-power Whisper Wi-Fi solutions continues to grow and we are experiencing significantly increased levels of interest and traction. We’re delighted to share this news about a new certification on yet another Ensigma-enabled product. We continue to make it as easy as possible for our IP licensees to achieve certification for their own chips. This development can provide them – as well as customers of products using the CxT200 chip like the Creator Ci40 – with confidence in the quality, interoperability and completeness of Imagination’s Ensigma Wi-Fi solutions.”


Imagination operates extensive interoperability and testing labs using more than 100 test devices to support customers in meeting pre-certification requirements for Wi-Fi Alliance certifications and pre-qualification requirements for various regulatory bodies. This enables a seamless experience for customers in achieving success and enabling quick deployment of their final products to meet their time to market goals.


Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac is the latest generation of Wi-Fi, which delivers multi-gigabyte data rates, enabling devices to handle demanding applications such as Ultra HD and 4K video, multimedia streaming and rapid file transfer on tablets, gaming devices, handsets and many other devices. Ensigma Explorer wireless communications IP cores have undergone a rigorous program that tests for performance, compliance with the specification, interoperability across vendors, and backward compatibility to older standards ensuring support of legacy equipment already deployed in the field.

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