If you can’t find the fault, take a closer look

Cupio Services offers a comprehensive X-Ray, optical and acoustic non-destructive analysis service for electronic components and assemblies

One of the biggest issues in non-destructive inspection is getting a clear visualisation of the area of interest with sufficient resolution to be able to detect the smallest faults. A straight 2D image could mask issues where the correct low angle image can see them easily.  Equally CT isn’t always the answer as the part in question may be in the middle of a large board.  In this circumstance a high resolution reduced angle CT could give you the required images. All of these tools need to be available.

Our Nordson Dage Quadra 7 system, with 100nm resolution, full CT and tomosynthesis capability, can image the smallest of structures and our engineers are experienced in the analysis of the images and, if needed, reconstruction into 3D models.

For investigation to die level for bond wires or voiding and delamination in components, we utilise the Nordson Yestech and Nordson Sonoscan M1m and Gen 6 systems which can measure bond wire height and check for die contamination using optical measurement and ultrasonics to see inside packages to check for defects and voiding.

The combination of these systems gives a comprehensive picture of the interior of components or assemblies and we can draw them together to highlight the probable cause of the fault.

Should your issue be with finding counterfeit components within your supply, we also offer both X-Ray and electrical comparison.

All of these processes come under out ISO 9001-2015 approval and all work takes place in a static safe environment. For more information call 01256 262 800 or use the website.



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