IEEE 1588 compatible precision oscillators family from Raltron

Raltron Electronics, a frequency components manufacturer based in Miami, Fl. is announcing the introduction of an IEEE1588 compatible family of TCXOs and OCXOs.

IEEE-1588, Precision Time Protocol (PTP), is a time based protocol designed for synchronization accuracies in the microsecond range. This allows for more than an order of magnitude advantage over the popular NTP protocol, and can be implemented in applications where GPS signal is not easily available.

The PTP IEEE-1588 protocol is used in applications such as telecommunications, test and measurement, industrial automation, medical, power grid management, aerospace navigation and positioning, audio and video networks, etc.

Each of these applications have different requirements, and the Raltron Electronics line of temperature controlled (TCXO) and oven controlled (OCXO) crystal oscillators has been designed to match them. Beyond the regular parameters for selection of TCXOs and OCXOs key specifications that need to be considered when evaluating the selection of an oscillator

  • Phase noise and jitter
  • Frequency stability over a temperature range
  • Package size and air flow conditions on the board

the following additional parameters are critical for IEEE 1588 applications :

  • Wander (medium term stability) as defined by MTIE/TDEV masks in synchronization standards
  • Short-term stability (defined by ADEV)

Raltron can provide solutions for all these applications, meeting the requirements of industry synchronization standards such as:
        – Telcordia GR-1244, GR-253
        – ITU-T G.812/G.813
        – ITU-T G.8261/G.826

Complete specifications and further descriptions for each product can be found at

Further technical details, customization requirements parameters and price and delivery information can be obtained by contacting

Raltron Electronics Corp.,
10400 NW 33rd Street, Miami, FL 33172
Tel: +1-305-593-6033 Fax: +1-305-594-3973
Email: Web:

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