Idneo and Jarvish to develop smart motorcycle helmets with latest-generation technology

Idneo, the Ficosa group’s engineering firm specialised in the development of high-added-value technological products for the automotive, medical equipment, consumer electronics, industrial and smart solutions sectors, has signed a collaboration agreement with Jarvish, a Taiwanese smart-helmets company, to jointly develop the sector’s most innovative smart helmets, which will be sold on the European market.


Through this collaboration, both companies will launch a smart helmet with ground-breaking functions related to safety, connectivity and the Internet of Things, which will be a true revolution for the sector. This pioneering helmet has an integrated head-up display, making the visor an augmented-reality screen displaying all sorts of useful information for the rider, such as speed, traffic information and warnings, other vehicles nearby and even incoming calls. In this way, it also incorporates sensors, cameras, a microphone, WI-FI, GPS, Bluetooth and is connected to the motorcycle, the cloud and the smartphone.


This device also broadens the rider’s field of vision, allowing him to see the back of the vehicle on the screen through a rear-vision camera. It also allows Full-HD recording and streaming of images as they are recorded. Furthermore, it features a system that allows the rider to speak with several other riders at a time, which is especially useful when travelling in a group.


In case of accident, the helmet can make an emergency call (e-Call).  The device would emit a signal with the rider’s exact location to the nearest emergency services centre, making sure an ambulance arrives as quickly as possible. As the helmet also offers the option to take videos, the images recorded can be used as evidence if there is an accident.


A collaboration to make the helmet of the future a reality

Jarvish is a pioneer company in designing and manufacturing smart helmets with augmented reality. Under the framework of this collaboration, Idneo will be in charge of the engineering and development for the helmet, contributing its technology and know-how in communication and vision systems. At the same time, Idneo will also work on manufacturing and systems integration and technology in order to rapidly address market needs in Europe.


In the words of Idneo CEO Raúl Lucas: “We are proud to be working with Jarvish on this totally innovative product that will improve safety and driving experience for motorcyclists. Idneo will contribute with the talent of our team in engineering and certification, our top-notch production facilities and our knowledge of the European market.”


For his part, Jarvish CEO Jeremy Lu highlights: “We’re very excited to be working with Idneo. They are one of the best engineering firms in Europe and have an innovative vision of new technology for this market.”


Jarvish has recently opened a round of funding to attract investment for this project.

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