IBASE Technology positions for growth in the UK embedded PC market

IBASE Technology, a manufacturer of application specific embedded PC platforms for over 17 years, is preparing for strong growth in the UK embedded computing market. With success in mainland Europe, IBASE is now investing to expand its operations and service the important fast-expanding UK market.


Beige Market Intelligence predicts that the global industrial PC market is likely to grow at a CAGR of 7.3 per cent from 2016 to 2022, with the growth in Europe driven by the UK, France and Germany.


IBASE designs and manufactures a range of off-the-shelf embedded computing solutions based on new technologies, including motherboards, systems and panel PCs, for the transport, automation and medical markets. However, the company is also seeing demand from companies that have specific individual requirements and IBASE is working to ensure that these customers have exactly the right solution for their needs.


“Individual organisations are seeking a variety of solutions that are unique to their own requirements, so it is essential for us to be flexible,” explains Kevin Barr, senior project manager of IBASE. “Our off-the-shelf embedded products typically have a life of seven years or beyond and we have a 100 strong engineering team that work closely with our customers. This means we can very quickly customise our proven product platforms to meet each customer’s application-specific requirements. We also offer strict revision control  so our customers can apply for the certifications they need.”


Industry 4.0 and IoT deployments are also directly accelerating the demand for embedded gateways and control systems which are typically based on industrial embedded PCs.


In particular, companies are looking ahead to utilise smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 concepts that will enhance their factory processes and increase efficiency by introducing greater intelligence, integration and automation.


IBASE is now perfectly positioned to address these growing areas with products from its standard ranges and custom design manufacturing services, to match customers’ specialised requirements exactly. While also aligning its business to the growth in IoT as a member of Intel’s ‘Internet of Things Solutions Alliance’, which enables customers to innovate using the latest technologies and helps developers to deliver first-in-market IoT solutions.



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