Hypertac presents its new M12 series

M12 connectors incorporating innovative features and a compact design

Hypertac has responded to the challenge of miniaturization of systems, equipment and components by introducing a new range of M12 style connectors incorporating a number of innovative features.  The new M12 Series implements the higher requirements for overall system functionality within a very compact design and at the same time includes the considerable advantages of  hyperboloid contact technology.

Hypertac’s M12 Series comprises 3, 4, 5 and 8 way contact positions; options for over-moulded or free assembly and straight or 90 degree versions to meet all the recognized standards and industry norms.

A floating female hyperboloid crimp socket within a robust connector insulator and shell provides the benefit of this anti-vibration arrangement which ensures a safe and secure connection for all signals. Additional benefits are realized by the provision of easy handling and rapid contact assembly with a unique sideways clip insulator design.

Insulator assembly within the connector is simplified with a simple touch, look and feel system to ensure correct orientation. An identical, highly compact form factor for each version is another advantage, providing the highest possible connector to connector density. For the free-assembled right-angle version, an adaptable cable entry termination allows for a change to a straight version in the field without compromising the IP67 reliability.

The stamped hyperboloid 0.8mm (8way) and 1.0mm (3/4/5way) contact used within the M12 system supports wire diameters of 0.03mm to 0.5mm (AWG32 to 20), and is suitable for automatic high-speed crimping systems, providing further benefits of process stability and repeatability. The 1.0mm machined contact variant also offered in the 3, 4 and 5 way supports a wide range of wire diameters, from 0.05mm to 1.00mm (AWG30 to AWG18).  A 1.00mm contact suitable for a cable diameter of 10mm is also available to customers.

All D-coded 4-way and A-coded 4 and 5 way arrangements have a 360 degree screen termination, which provide complete protection and shielding against EMI/EMC when coupled with the all-metal shell.

Several panel mounting versions for cable and PCB termination offer a complete system for the equipment designer.




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