How Traceability Solves Challenges in Electronics: Download the Whitepaper & Visit Southern Manufacturing

Traceability and its residual benefits within the electronics assembly industry have been familiar topics in research papers over the past few years. However, the risks associated with the increasingly complex nature of supply chains have made awareness on the topic more critical for manufacturers. The impact of product defects and regulatory conditions challenge all assemblers, regardless of their size.

When it comes to establishing a traceability system to meet customer expectations, improve production visibility and align with financial needs, there are a variety of options to consider, from simple batch or lot information all the way up to full view of

process activities that serialize down to the component level. Brady Experts can help you to review the need, benefits and system components of traceability and how it can be used to achieve a variety of business goals.

Do not miss your chance to learn more about our Traceability Solutions at Southern Manufacturing (9-11 February 2016, Farnborough, UK). See Brady at stand E38: highlighting its traceability solutions including dedicated labels and easy to integrate application systems. We will be on hand to offer specialist advice, share our knowledge, support you and recommend high quality products at excellent value for money.

In addition see new material launches including:

  • The new, ultra durable black identification label offers superior barcode readability and excellent fluid resistance.
  • The toughest outdoor identification label that resists UV-light, weathering, fluids and abrasion for more than 10 years.
  • The new silver destructible vinyl label offers outstanding durability and great tamper resistant properties.

If you can’t attend the tradeshow, email us at to get Free Label Samples and more information.


Flexible Label Feeder for highly efficient traceability

Brady offers the new AMS ALF14 label feeder for highly efficient traceability automation.

The AMS ALF14 Label Feeder has a durable design that can easily be adjusted to common label sizes and tape widths. ALF14 models are modular label feeders for automated traceability that negate the need to replace the entire feeder when pick and place machines are updated resulting in a more competitive cost structure.

Easy to use

The ALF14 Label Feeder is supplied with adapters for common SMT pick-and-place systems, making it an extremely flexible tool with a short set-up time. The label feeders’ fully automated label guidance system and fast sensing and dispensing is designed to keep up with the demands of modern pick equipment, while its compact design minimises occupied space in your feeder rack.

Highly efficient traceability

The combination of the flexible ALF14 Label Feeder with Brady’s advanced traceability labels offers users a highly efficient labelling automation solution for SMT lines in PCB manufacturing. Quality modular label feeders like ALF 14 can bring cost-effective traceability to the entire supply chain, making ALF14 a top choice in electronic manufacturing and special purpose machinery.

Find out more about our Label Feeder offering


Free Whitepaper: Traceability – Solving Challenges & Adding Value in Electronics Manufacturing

“Traceability systems have been shown to reduce customer returns by up to 84%”

Check out the Importance of Traceability in Electronics Assembly whitepaper to learn about:

  • Costs of failed or poor traceability
  • Lesser known benefits of traceability
  • DIY Printing: Technology & Performance improvements

Download our Free Traceability Whitepaper

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