How technology improved traceability

Getting traceability right. Because the cost of getting it wrong is too high. Check out the Importance of Traceability in Electronics Assembly whitepaper.


Right traceability systems reduce customer returns by up to 84%.
When it comes to traceability, Brady has a long history of providing label materials engineered specifically for electronic components. These materials are designed for high- performance environments that require durable, reliable, consistent and compliant solutions. Whether your manufacturing process incorporates hand assembly or automated assembly, Brady label materials are engineered to be a reliable element in an effective traceability system.

What is Traceability?

According to ISO 8402, traceability is the “ability to trace the history, application or location of an entity by means of recorded identifications.” Traceability also has ties to Six Sigma programs as it provides vital tools that help improve customer satisfaction by enhancing processes and protocols that can reduce the liability associated with electronics manufacturing.

A traceability system can provide clear insight into the various steps in the manufacturing process that impact a finished product. That information can then be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Process improvement
  • Defect resolution
  • Regulation compliance
  • Brand integrity
  • Direct & indirect cost savings

Traceability and its residual benefits within the electronics assembly industry have been familiar topics in research papers over the past few years. However, the risks associated with the increasingly complex nature of supply chains have made awareness on the topic more critical for manufacturers. The impact of product defects and regulatory conditions challenge all assemblers, regardless of their size. When it comes to establishing a traceability system to meet customer expectations, improve production visibility and align with financial needs, there are a variety of options to consider, from simple batch or lot information all the way up to full view of process activities that serialize down to the component level. This paper will review the need, benefits and system components of traceability and how it can be used to

achieve a variety of business goals.

Check out the Importance of Traceability in Electronics Assembly whitepaper to learn about:

» Costs of failed or poor traceability
» Lesser known benefits of traceability
» Technology & Performance improvements
» And more!

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