HOPPE’s eHandle ConnectHome Incorporates ZF’s Energy Harvesting

Technology for Smart Home Window Systems

Auerbach. Smart home devices have many benefits other than just making life more comfortable. Security and energy efficiency are valuable qualities found in the new eHandle ConnectHome from the German door and window handle manufacturer HOPPE using energy harvesting technology from ZF.

The new window handle expands the product range at HOPPE as an entry-level model to detect whether a window is open or closed. With ZF’s energy harvesting generator, the new RF window handle from HOPPE needs no batteries and is therefore easy to retrofit. By the rotational movement to open or close the window, the handle generates enough energy to send an RF signal. The position of the window handle will then be transmitted wirelessly to a central control unit which can be programmed, for example, to automatically regulate the heating to turn down if the windows are open.

For the new eHandle ConnectHome, HOPPE relies on a module consisting of monostable generator and RF board which are produced by ZF. The generator is based on an inductive principle meaning that the required RF energy is only generated by the mechanical actuation of the handle incorporating the switch.  The data transfer is made wirelessly using the EnOcean RF protocol. Energy harvesting switches from ZF are easy and effective to use and are therefore suitable for various control solutions within different environments and a range of applications.

For additional information on the energy harvesting product range from ZF, please click here: https://switches-sensors.zf.com/

For more information about HOPPE, please visit www.hoppe.com

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