Honeywell’s TruStability board mount pressure sensors now available from TTI

Distributor, TTi, is now stocking Honeywell’s TruStability board mount pressure sensors which offer long-term stability, reliability, flexibility, and Total Error Band. The pressure sensors come in miniature packages with DIP, SIP, and SMT mounting options.

The HSC series (±1% Total Error Band), and the SSC series (±2% Total Error Band) devices are fully calibrated and temperature compensated using ASIC. Both series feature pressure ranges from ultra-low (±2.5mbar to ±40mbar) through to low to mid (60mbar to 10bar). NSC series components are uncalilbrated, unamplified, and uncompensated with a low to mid (60mbar to 10bar) pressure range. HSC and SSC series pressure sensors feature an analogue Vdc or digital output (I2C- or SPI-compatible). The NSC series has an analogue mV output.

TruStability board mount pressure sensors provide high durability amid environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. The industry-leading long-term stability minimises system calibration needs, maximises system performance and helps support system uptime by eliminating the need to service or replace the sensor during its application life.

The industry-leading Total Error Band provides the sensor’s true accuracy over a compensated temperature range, eliminating individual sensor testing and calibration (which can increase manufacturing time and process) supporting system accuracy and warranty requirements, helping optimise system uptime and providing excellent sensor interchangeability. Onboard signal conditioning typically allows for the removal of signal conditioning components from the PCB, reducing costs and simplifying production processes.


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