HiWave’s efficient amplifier ICs adopted by Hercules to extend battery life in portable Hi-Fi speakers

HiWave Technologies, a developer of audio amplifier ICs, full frequency range speaker drivers and next generation haptic touch devices, has announced a design win with Hercules (a brand of Guillemot Corporation), shipping its low power amplifier chips for use in a new 25W portable wireless speaker system for the consumer Hi-Fi sector – the WAE WSM01.

The WAE WSM01 uses HiWave’s HiAS2002, the industry’s most efficient amplifier IC, to deliver over 20 hours of music playback at typical usage levels; approximately 30 albums. HiWave’s amplifier IC is 10x more efficient under typical usage levels compared with Class D amplifiers, the next most efficient amplifier topology.

Launched in July 2012, the Hercules WAE WSM01 is the first in Hercules’ WAE (Wireless Audio Experience) family of wireless consumer HiFi speakers. It has a wireless range of 20m and was designed to connect to a central media server, PC or laptop from anywhere in the home using a high quality proprietary wireless standard (2.4GHz). Users connect Windows, Mac OS or Linux PC to the speaker via a plug and play 2.0 USB dongle.

The battery powered speakers utilise the amplifier IC’s on-board equalisation system and digital signal processor to deliver a rich bass (50Hz to 20KHz) and a high quality, non-clipping audio to consumers.

The speakers are shipping now and are available in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain from leading stores.

“The wireless speakers we have launched give a fantastic depth of audio with great bass and long battery life. The WAE WSM01 are simple to use and look great, so we believe they will hit the right area of the market,” said Vincent Quéré, product development Manager with Hercules.

“Hercules is a well-known brand and audio specialist in computer DJing and speaker systems, and the company has a strong track record of producing popular, striking designs and we are very excited that our low power amplifier technology is a key part of this exciting new product,” said James Lewis, CEO of HiWave.



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