Hitaltech transforms electronics sourcing for good

For more than 30 years, Hitaltech, the connecting technologies and enclosures specialist, has helped organisations deliver better quality products whilst removing much of the time, cost and compromise from product development.

Now, Hitaltech’s added value electronics sourcing service enables every electronics manufacturer to tailor the service it receives from Hitaltech, reducing costs, improving quality and developing better-realised products.

“There’s no one size fits all way to improve production efficiency,” explains Hitaltech MD Andy Fitzer. “Improvements happen across the production process and are different for every organisation. With Added Value Services, we’re helping manufacturers find new efficiencies in ways that work for them.”

The ‘menu’ of services includes:

Buffer stock packages, where Hitaltech carries stock so clients don’t have to. It’s a service that has made Just in Time processes simpler for countless customers.

Kitting lets customers create their own pre-packed component kits with their own unique parts numbers. With just one part number from one supplier, ordering and assembly is quicker and easier.

Hitaltech’s wiring loom assembly service cuts the cost of production and the risk of rework by delivering wiring looms ready for installation.

Machined enclosures place cut-outs exactly where customers need them while mould modifications enable clients to add inserts to enclosures so they deliver all the functionality and aesthetics required. And with the mechanical assembly service, clients can reduce time and cost by receiving components in assembled or semi-assembled state.

Component printing means no more costly, laborious product labels. Colours, diagrams and legends are printed directly onto the component, saving time and money in assembly, reducing production errors and removing third party print costs.

“The true value of a component is not simply in the thing itself,” explains Andy. “It is in the time it saves, the processes it accelerates and the contribution it makes to the end product. Our value-added approach to electronics sourcing ensures our components deliver in many more ways than one.”

For more information, please email uksales@hitaltech.co.uk or visit our website www.hitaltech.co.uk

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