Hitaltech introduces automation-friendly terminal block range to the UK

High-tech Lancashire firm Hitaltech has introduced a new range of terminal blocks and connectors which save time and cut costs, by allowing fully automated mounting and soldering.

The terminal blocks and connectors, which are compatible with modern Surface Mounting Technology, are the result of years of research and development by Hitaltech’s Italian partner SAURO.

Before now, circuit board technology was falling behind the advancements in component mounting and soldering technologies that have evolved towards automated systems. It meant that there was a lingering need for manual input, known as ThroughHoleTechnology, even in robot-driven processes.

However, manual input is eliminated and the process can now be fully automated with SAURO’s new SMDThroughHole technology, reducing production time, saving money and improving accuracy and quality.

SAURO STH’s high temperature terminal blocks and connectors have been manufactured to be used in all reflow soldering processes with lead-free methods and are suitable for automatic mounting via pick and place devices.

According to the type of automated mounting used, STH products can be packed in tape on reel, tube or tray.

Giada Favero, marketing and sales manager at SAURO, said: “Hitaltech and SAURO have been working closely and successfully together for more than 20 years performing an excellent level of quality and service towards their customers. STH is just the latest in a long partnership of innovation.”


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