Hirose’s automotive wire-to-board connector offers weight reduction of up to 75 per cent

Hirose has expanded its miniature wire-to-board connector family to include a single-row right-angle version. With a pitch of only 1 mm, the compact GT50 Series wire-to-board connector provides PCB space-savings and weight reduction of up to 75 per cent compared to competing products, according to Hirose. Said to feature superior heat and vibration resistance in an ultra-small housing, the GT50 Series wire-to-board connector is well suited for traditional and emerging automotive applications.

The GT50 Series wire-to-board connector has a 2-point contact system enclosed between two springs that minimizes the effect of heat shrinkage on the contacts and improves contact reliability. As a result, the GT50 connector supports high heat applications up to 125°C.

The GT50 Series utilizes a unique stabilizer that reduces wear in the contact area between header and crimp contacts commonly caused by vibration. With a high retention force of 25N, a user-friendly lock design has a clear tactile click to prevent incomplete mating. For additional mating security, a robust cable routing design prevents disconnecting.

“The GT50 Series wire-to-board connector enables OEMs to realize significant size and weight reductions in end-products without sacrificing reliability or performance,” said Mark Kojak, VP of sales and marketing for Hirose Electric USA.

The GT50 Series connector is used in automotive applications including array mic/speaker, combination lamps, displays, electric mirrors, heads up displays, LiDAR, and more. The connector is also well-suited for off-highway equipment like agricultural and construction machinery; specialty vehicles like automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs); drones; and factory automation equipment.

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