Hirose releases smaller and lighter power connector for outdoor use

Hirose has released the HR41A Series, a small, light plastic power connector that is IP68 rated with advanced lightning surge protection (15 kV), and is well-suited to power applications in outdoor and other harsh environments. When the connector is mated, the unique waterproof gasket design prevents water intrusion, even while submerged in water at 2 M for 14 days.

The push-on / twist off mating ensures a secure connection via a locking mechanism that provides a tactile click to signal complete mating. The HR41A also features a user-friendly cable and housing assembly. In addition, this connector utilizes a simple, quick, and highly reliable crimp termination method.

The HR41A Series has a three-step sequential mating structure with a safety design that allows the user to establish a ground connection prior to power.

The HR41A Series is ideal for outdoor applications such as LED lighting, street lamps, tunnel, boat, and construction site lighting, as well as base transceiver systems (BTS), electronic toll collection (ETC) systems, and business transaction service applications.

The HR41A Series has an operating temperature range of -40?C to + 105?C, a contact resistance of 5m ohms maximum at 1A, and an insulation resistance of 5000M ohms maximum at 500V DC. This five-position connector has a rated voltage of 250V AC and 350V DC, rated current of 10A, and a withstanding voltage rating of 2200V AC.

The HR41A Series is UL certified, and pending TÜV certification.



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