Hirose expands battery plug-in connectors for energy storage systems

Hirose, the connector manufacturer, has expanded its plug-in connector series to include slim designs for ESS storage batteries, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and industrial machinery. The PS3 Series plug-in connector”s slim design is achieved by employing a unique blade contact that supports mounting to a standard 1U rack.

Available in two versions, a power only type and a signal / power hybrid version, the PS3 Series power contacts support up to 150 Amps and signal contacts support up to 1 Amp. The power contact structure utilizes a highly reliable clip design with bellows contacts. This blade contact structure features multiple contact points to reduce contact resistance and allow high current carrying capability.

Rated up to 150 Amps (with 50 mm sq. wire), the slim, PS3 Series connector streamlines assembly, installation and maintenance. The PS3 Series connector’s plug-and-play design eliminates on-site cable wiring and reduces worker exposure to electrical lines. By eliminating the need to disconnect/reconnect wires to modules, maintenance time is significantly reduced. The PS3 Series connector also provides finger protection during assembly that meets IP2X requirements, ensuring worker safety.

The PS3 uses floating mounting screws that adjust for misalignment during mating in X and Y directions up to +/-2.0mm. The floating structure supports a quick and easy plug-in connection.

The PS3 Series slim design connector is available with two power contacts and up to 24 signal contacts. The RoHS-compliant PS3 Series connector has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +105°C. The connector has a power rated voltage of 1000V AC/DC and signal rated voltage 250V AC/DC; power rated contact resistance of 0.3m ohms and signal rated contact resistance of 60m ohms; and an insulation resistance of 5000M ohms minimum at 250V DC.


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