HIROSE and HARTING focus on a new standard

HIROSE Electric, based in Tokyo, and HARTING Electronics, Espelkamp Germany, have reached an agreement on the joint development, product standardisation and marketing of a miniaturised connection technology system for 10Gbit Ethernet.


The RJ45 was indispensable when using Ethernet ten years ago. However, it was not ideally suitable for use in industrial environments and could only be deployed with certain modifications. In light of this situation, HARTING developed the world’s first industry-compatible field attachable RJ45.


The miniaturisation of components and interfaces in connection technology has become a key factor in global digitalisation through the Internet of Things and Services.


“As a form of the Internet of Things, there is one thing that ‘Industry 4.0’ requires above all else: an Ethernet connection to each and every ‘Industry 4.0’ component,” explained Philip Harting, chairman of the board at the HARTING Technology Group. “The standardisation and international norms for new high-performance components and infrastructure is an essential requirement for market success and provides planning security.”


On the other hand, HIROSE Electric has offered miniature connector solutions for small handheld devices including mobile phones, tablets and cameras and has contributed to the miniaturisation and the high-speed communication of electronic devices. HIROSE has played a significant role in the high-performance and miniaturisation industry, not only with internal connectors, but also with interface connectors such as micro-USB (USB2.0, 3.0, and 3.1) which were originally developed by HIROSE. In addition, HIROSE will focus on the industrial market and apply this extensive knowledge and expertise to provide high-end miniaturised connectivity solutions for ‘Industry 4.0’.


To meet the challenging market demand for global digitalisation, both partners’ have therefore agreed to utilise HARTING’s and HIROSE’s strength. The result is the development of a new miniaturised and robust Ethernet interface for high-speed data transmission rates to set a new standard for ‘Industry-4.0’ applications.


Our customers benefit from the bundled expertise of two technology leaders, on one hand, and global presence and customer proximity on the other,” remarked HIROSE- president, Kazunori Ishii. The two companies plan to reveal further details on their cooperation in the autumn at electronica or SPS/IPC Drives.




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