Highly accurate programmable hall-effect sensor with integrated diagnostic functions

As the UK’s foremost source of advanced sensor technology, Solid State Supplies has now announced the addition of the A1377 linear Hall-Effect sensor IC to its product range. Recently introduced by Allegro MicroSystems, this performance-oriented device is able to determine changes in magnetic fields to an elevated degree of precision, and is mainly targeted at industrial and automotive deployment. It has provision for programming a variety of different parameters – including sensitivity (1mV/G to 14mV/G), quiescent voltage output (five per cent to 95 per cent of supply voltage), offset and polarity. This enables it to be fine-tuned to meet the specific needs of the application into which it is deployed.


Complementing its inherent versatility, the A1377 also has advanced diagnostic capabilities. These include input short circuit, over-voltage and under-voltage detection, as well as EEPROM error checking. Its segmented, linearly-interpolated temperature compensation mechanism ensures industry-leading thermal stability and combats the sensor drift issues that can impair the results derived by competing sensor devices. An integrated small-signal, high-gain amplifier, plus a clamped low-impedance output stage further assist in enhancing its performance characteristics.


In addition to supporting a wide operational temperature range of -40°C to +150°C, this sensor exhibits strong resilience to electromagnetic interference. Consequently, it can be utilised in the most challenging of application settings and exposed to harsh environmental conditions. It is supplied in a robust 3-pin, single in-line package (SIP) format.



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