High reliability EDLC supercapacitor for extended temperature long-life applications

Smart meters are also a key application for the DMG series as the full operating temperature range is – 30 degrees C to + 85 degrees C.

The DMG series offers high voltage with very low equivalent series resistance (ESR) all within a miniaturized robust package. Available in 2.1 V single-cell and 4.2 V double-cell options, the 2.1 V provides a nominal capacity of 700 mF with a profile of only 1.4 mm.

The DMG EDLC is based on active carbon technology.  Unlike traditional energy storage devices, the carbon, which is used as an electrode, without employing a chemical reaction, leads to the longer life cycle.  Also, the capacitance is directly related to the surface area of the active carbon, giving the DMG series high capacitance values in a small and low profile design. Measuring only 20.5 mm x 18.5 mm x 1.4 mm, which leads the industry in compact packaging, Murata”s EDLC series is designed for extended temperature applications.

Supercapacitors are playing an increasing role in energy conservation applications, from memory backup in home appliances, mobile phones, information devices, and energy harvesting storage systems.

The basis behind this new technology is the result of Murata”s collaborations with CAP-XX.  In order to meet consumer demand for mobile devices with greater efficiency and functionality, Murata strategically acquired leading edge super cap technology from CAP-XX in 2008. Since then, Murata”s focus on EDLC research and development, coupled with CAP-XX”s expertise, has lead to the maturity of the enhanced EDLC design.


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