High-quality LED heatsinks enhance performance and design flexibility

Gateway Electronic Components are offering designers short lead times, high quality and custom flexibility with its latest range of LED heatsinks from UK manufacturer Birmingham Aluminium. The 4000-series radial-finned heatsinks are available from 35mm to 100mm diameter for direct attachment to the LED light engine in general-purpose or model-specific applications. They are suitable for use in downlighters and other innovative LED lamps.

The 35mm 4035HS and 45mm 4045HS ranges have PCB-mounting hole centres to suit Bridgelux light engines. The 100mm 4110HS has 35mm hole centres for Osram PrevaLED, Xicato and Philips Fortimo SLM Zhaga-compliant units. The 4000 series also includes 70mm-diameter 4070HS and 100mm-diameter 4100HS heatsinks.

The aluminium profile, with radial fins, can be cut to standard or customer-specified lengths allowing designers to meet cooling and form-factor targets. Standard and custom sizes typically range from 20mm to 150mm, for all diameters. The straight fin shape allows optimum airflow and surface area, promoting efficient heat transfer, while the standard matt black colour maximises thermal radiation.

Gateway customers can also have designs tested using multi-thermocouple equipment, in Birmingham Aluminium’s laboratory.


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